Regression Therapy

 Regression is a process used in hypnotherapy to access the storehouse of memories in the subconscious mind. During a regression process the client is guided back to earlier times in their life where they can experience past events in a controlled manner - either fully with all the emotional and sensorial impact of the original event as with a pleasant memory or with limited or no emotional impact or sensorial memories as with revisitation of traumatic events. This selection of the dimensions the client wishes to experience enables the client to utilize all the information content of those past events without reliving uncessesary aspects of the event.  

Past events explored can be pleasant memory recall or revisitation of traumatic events depending on the therapeutic desires of the client. 

Regression is useful for many therapeutic applications such as memory recall, finding lost objects, exploring the initial event that started a phobia or an unwanted habit.  

Past-Life Regression is therapeutically useful when a client is being negatively affected by events from a past life. Regression continues back through childhood, into the unborn fetus, and earlier.  It is not uncommon that inexplicable pains or emotional patterns that do not have a source in this life are found in a past life event. Simply understanding this source is therapeutic, however desensitization of the event can completely eliminate the residual patterns in this life. 

Spiritual Regression, also know as Spiritual Integration, is the next step and the therapeutic value of this process can be life altering. This process begins as a past-life regression into the subconscious mind and then proceeds to the client's death in a past life and then entering the super-conscious mind to explore the life of your immortal soul between physical incarnations. Not only can you experience your immortal soul memory but you can understand why you chose the life you are currently living!